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Feux's Community Guidelines


We're dedicated to ensuring everyone has a stellar experience and remains secure on Feux. We've set up these Community Guidelines to clarify the do's and don'ts on our platform. While most use Feux conscientiously, it's crucial to set clear expectations for user behavior on Feux.

1. No Hate Speech: Hate speech is strictly prohibited on Feux. Do not share content that promotes hatred or advocates violence against any group or individual based on aspects such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age, caste, disability, immigration status, veteran status, or those affected by significant violent events.

2. Harassment is Prohibited: Engaging in, endorsing, or inciting harassment is unacceptable on Feux. Differences in opinion are natural, but consistently negative or malicious comments can escalate into harassment. Avoid sharing content that insults or demeans someone based on inherent characteristics, physical attributes, or their experiences.

3. Threats are Off-Limits: Threats, whether direct or indirect, are forbidden on Feux. This includes sharing or threatening to disclose someone's private data.

4. Avoid Violent or Disturbing Content: Content intended to shock, disturb, or inspire violence against individuals/groups is banned on Feux. This covers content showcasing physical harm, crimes, graphic medical procedures, and cruelty.

5. Dangerous or Illegal Activities: Content that promotes actions or activities that risk harm or are illegal is not allowed on Feux. This encompasses hazardous challenges, guidance on causing harm, theft, and promoting harmful substances.

6. Promotion of Self-Harm is Forbidden: Do not share content endorsing or detailing methods for self-harm or suicide on Feux.

7. No Explicit Content: Do not post or link to explicit content meant for sexual gratification on Feux's Discord. This includes content that portrays minors inappropriately.

8. Violent Extremism: Advocacy or promotion of violent extremism is not welcome on Feux's Discord.

9. Misinformation on Health Remedies: Do not endorse or promote harmful substances or treatments as beneficial on Feux's Discord.

10. Avoid Vulgar Language: Excessively explicit or inappropriate language is not suitable for the Feux community.

11. Selling Regulated Goods/Services: Do not use Feux to sell, link to, or promote access to controlled goods and services.

12. Respect User Preferences: Repeated unwanted messages or friend requests, especially after being blocked, are not allowed on Feux. Respect other users' boundaries.

13. Unauthorized Access to Paid Content: Do not instruct users on bypassing payments for digital content or services that usually require payment.

14. Hacking is Forbidden: Using Feux's Discord to demonstrate or advocate for hacking with malicious intent is strictly prohibited.

15. No Malware or Viruses: Sending viruses, malware, phishing attempts, or initiating DDoS attacks against users is not allowed.

16. Respect the Feux Team: Please refrain from spamming the Feux team or making false reports. Continuous false claims or group efforts to report the same issue may result in suspension or termination.

Thank you for respecting and following these guidelines to create a safe and inspiring environment for all Feux Discord users.

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